Although the font “Comic Sans” is widely regarded as ridiculous, it’s one of the easiest fonts for dyslexic people to read


“The irregular shapes of the letters in Comic Sans allow [readers] to focus on the individual parts of words… While many fonts use repeated shapes to create different letters, such as a ‘p’ rotated to made a ‘q,’ Comic Sans uses few repeated shapes, creating distinct letters (although it does have a mirrored ‘b’ and ‘d’).”

Comic Sans is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association and the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. An American Institute of Graphic Arts post from last summer said that it might be the best font for dyslexics, given its “character disambiguation” and “variation in letter heights.” While other fonts have been specifically designed to be read by people with dyslexia —Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic are two — they just don’t have the availability of Comic Sans.

Source: The Cut

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