U.S. soldiers used porn and typography to kill Vietnamese soldiers

credit: Taschen

During the Vietnam war, it’s alleged that American soldiers hung posters on trees with pornographic images and very small font size, which lured enemy soldiers to get closer and trigger a mine trap planted underneath.

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In the book SOG: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandoes in Vietnam, John L. Plaster shares America’s dark use of porn and typography:

“But the most mind-blowing dirty trick I ever saw was conceived by my good friend Floyd “Pigpen” Ambrose. He went all the way to Bangkok to have a printed poster of his own design, showing a nude, large-breasted Asian woman, which he’d tack on trees beside major enemy trails.

Imagine the shock of an NVA soldier, raised under a straitlaced Communist orthodoxy that prohibited pornography, who came upon Floyd’s poster – not to mention the provocative headline, which boldly asked in Vietnamese, “Who’s sleeping with your wife, and has she got jugs like these?” As the message grew more inflammatory, the print became smaller, luring the engrossed soldier closer – and closer – and he’d forget caution and step on the small “toe-popper” mine Floyd had planted and lose a foot.”

Source: PsyWarrior


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