Blue streetlights may reduce crime and suicides


Scotland and Japan have implemented blue colored street lights and have seen a significant decrease in crime rate and even suicide:

“Glasgow, Scotland, introduced blue street lighting to improve the city’s landscape in 2000. Afterward, the number of crimes in areas illuminated in blue noticeably decreased.

The Nara, Japan, prefectural police set up blue street lights in the prefecture in 2005, and found the number of crimes decreased by about 9 percent in blue-illuminated neighborhoods. Many other areas nationwide have followed suit.

Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. changed the color of eight lights on the ends of platforms at Gumyoji Station in Yokohama, Japan, in February and have not experienced new suicide attempts.”

Although there are no exact explanations, a few theories have been put forth:

  • “The light color is new and unusual, causing people to act more cautiously in the area (as a person is unsure what to expect in the unusually-lit area).
  • Blue is a light color almost universally associated with a police presence, suggesting it is an area of stricter law enforcement.
  • Blue may be a more pleasant illuminating color to most people, as opposed to yellow, orange or red (according to some research, such as Lewinski, 1938).”

Source: PsychCentral


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