Disney Parks uses custom colors to camouflage buildings

In order to hide fences, doors, and buildings that are distracting to visitors of their parks, Disney has developed two distinct colors to camouflage them: “go away green” and “no see-um gray”

One of the most prominent applications of the colors in question is the door of the exclusive Club 33 restaurant in New Orleans Square at Disneyland:


At the end of Main Street is the Plaza Restaurant. The last building before Tomorrowland is painted a dark green and holds the sunroom area of the Plaza:

This is a view of the side of the building that houses part of the kitchen and ancillary services for the popular eatery:

Disney also takes advantage of sight lines when painting show buildings. The following photo is taken from the Germany Pavilion looking across the lagoon towards Canada. Notice the curved building that is painted sky blue? That is the Soarin’ show building.


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