MGM Casino decoration repelled Asian tourists

Conservatory manager, Sharon Hatcher.

Chinese New Year is one of the most profitable holidays for Las Vegas casinos, as it draws thousands of Asian families to the city. In order to accommodate to Chinese culture, casinos hang decorative lanterns in groups of six because multiples of six are considered lucky numbers.

“Everything here are multiples of six or eight, because those are the lucky numbers. Even the number of koi we have in our pond are multiples of eight. We want to maintain as much positive energy for luck.” -Conservatory manager, Sharon Hatcher

“Such nods to Asian culture came as hard-learned lessons for Las Vegas properties, which now employ feng shui masters to advise on design and building plans. When the MGM Grand Hotels Casino opened in 1993, patrons walked through a main entrance built to resemble the mouth of a mammoth lion, MGM’s longtime corporate symbol. This incensed Asian gamblers, who complained — and stayed away — because the notion of walking into the mouth of a beast is considered unlucky. The company spent millions removing the lion and reconfiguring the entrance, said Alan Feldman, a spokesman for MGM Mirage.”

Source: NY Times


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