Pringles chips are aerodynamically designed not to fly off the factory line


Pringles used supercomputers to run aerodynamic simulations to design the chips with optimal aerodynamic properties so that they wouldn’t fly off the conveyor belts when moving at very high speeds.

“One of the reasons the aerodynamics of Pringles is so important is because the chips are being produced so quickly that they are practically flying down the production line.

“We make them very, very, very fast,” said Lange. “We make them fast enough so that in their transport, the aerodynamics are relevant. If we make them too fast, they fly where we don’t want them to, which is normally into a big pile somewhere. And that’s bad.”

Lange notes that the aerodynamics of chips is also important for food processing reasons. In this case, the aerodynamic properties combine with the food engineering issues, such as fluid flow interactions with the steam and oil as the chips are being cooked and seasoned.”

Source: HPCWire

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