London building design reflects sunlight to melt cars, alters microclimate

credit: CoStar

During the building’s construction, it was discovered that for a period of up to two hours each day if the sun shines directly onto the building, it acts as a concave mirror and focuses light onto the streets where the temperature reached 117 °C / 243 °F.  The beam of light was up to six times brighter than direct sunlight, and melted cars parked on the street below. One owner was paid £946 by the developers for repairs to melted bodywork. Temperatures in direct line with the reflection became so intense that a reporter for the newspaper City A.M. was able to fry an egg in a pan set out on the ground.[26] The reflection also burned or scorched the doormat of a shop in the affected area.

The design of the building also affected the microclimate:

“it was reported that the building has had an unexpected impact on wind strength at street-level. The City of London Corporation received an increased number of complaints about draughts around 20 Fenchurch Street following its completion.”

Source: Wikipedia


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